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Guest Blog Network PostJoint Confirms Google Penalty

Google has hit another guest blog network. Google's Matt Cutts confirmed via Twitter that action was taken against PostJoint.

This is the second major guest blog network that Google has penalized this year, following the highly publicized MyBlogGuest penalty last month.

R.I.P. LinkedIn Company Page Products Tab: What To Do Next

Archive and Redistribute Recommendations

Perhaps the most significant casualty of this change is the loss of user recommendations housed on the Products & Services tab. Previously, users could post a written recommendation of the product(s) found on a company page. Unfortunately, this powerful form of social proof is now gone.

Google Imparts “Not Provided” On Ad Clicks, A Day Later The Industry Exhales

After word had been swirling the change was coming, yesterday Google announced it is expanding secure search to cover clicks on paid ads. The move means Google will treat the search query referrer data in ad clicks via secure search the same way they have been for all organic clicks since last year. The actual words people use in their searches will no longer be passed through the URL referrer string after a user clicks on a paid search ad from Google.

5 Secrets of Blog Posts that Go Viral

Solaborate Insights and Analytics Video

Solaborate Insights and Analytics Video

We can be heroes



For the World Cup, Pepsi celebrates the playful, soccer-loving spirit of Rio with an ad that includes interactive options that make viewers decision-makers in the story. We like the incitement to engage versus watching passively... plus, we're suckers for anything that includes a Janelle Monae cameo and some nostalgic guitar-strumming.

LinkedIn Groups: Your Secret Weapon for Sales Success

LinkedIn groups are by far the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn for your business. A single LinkedIn group can help you:

    build your entire business,
    market a number of products and services,
    sell out your paid events,
    become thought leader in your niche,
    and much more.

The following Infographic by InfoGraphic Design Team isn't just talking about top 10 reasons to start a LinkedIn group, but will also give you several useful tips on how to use LinkedIn groups for sales success.

Do you have anything to add? Share your experience in increasing sales with LinkedIn!

27 Marketing Tips from Top Enterprise Social Media Pros

1. Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Company

“Get the notion out of your head that social media doesn’t matter because you’re B2B. There’s people behind each of those businesses.”

Making Sense of Data

Making Sense of Data



7 Reasons You Should Go to ClickZ Live New York 2014

The time has almost come, but it's not to too late; if you're still undecided on whether you'll go to the ClickZ Live New York conference later this month, or you just want a guide to (almost) everything the conference has to offer, keep reading. I'm about to highlight seven reasons you don't want to miss the show.

1. It's the First-Ever Event as ClickZ Live!

Why Skype isn’t safe for journalists

At last month’s “Journalism After Snowden” event at Columbia University, Guardian US editor in chief Janine Gibson described the very first call she got last summer from Brazil-based Glenn Greenwald, which set in motion the series of work that would become the “Summer of Snowden.” Greenwald had called her on a Skype connection to tell her that he was on the receiving end of “the biggest intelligence leak in a generation, if not ever.” Gibson was intrigued, and a bit skeptical, but above all else concerned; because of the highly sensitive work that she and her colleagues had previously done on the WikiLeaks story, she knew that Skype was not a particularly secure way to communicate.

SMToolbox: Gain a Competitive Edge with Insights from Rival IQ

Tracking competitor activity is a key part of any competitive strategy. However, keeping track of such activity, especially over many different social media channels, can be complex and time consuming. Rival IQ is a tool that makes it easy for you to monitor your competitors and to analyze comparative data. This week in SMToolbox we take a look at how Rival IQ helps you gain an edge by helping you understand your competitive landscape.

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