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Creating the networks of the future with Cisco

Today we are taking an important step forward in our transformation journey. Ericsson and Cisco are announcing a multi-faceted partnership to create the networks of the future – and through this, shape the direction of the industry. Both companies have invested a lot of time in designing this partnership over the past year, and I am thrilled to be able to announce it today.

As industry leaders, we have worked together to develop a joint vision for innovation and customer success. Cisco brings their leading position in IP and a strong presence in enterprise. We bring our leadership in mobile networks, our strength in global services, and strong relationships with the world’s leading service providers.

Between us and Cisco, we hold more than 56,000 patents, invest $11 billion annually in research and development, and operate more than 76,000 services professionals serving customers in more than 180 countries.

Know Your Audience: 6 Things You’ll Miss if You Don’t

Who are your customers? Who are the people who would be your customers if only they knew you existed?

In social media marketing, you need to know your audience. Pam McBride recently published a post on Business2Community about the aspects of social media marketing that you’ll miss out on if you don’t know your audience well enough.

Here are the seven opportunities that McBride says you’ll miss out on:

1. Generating more followers

Twitter Releases Guidelines on Tweet Copy Best Practices for Promoted Tweets

As part of their ongoing efforts to promote more advertising on the platform, Twitter has released a new blog post outlining some best practices for tweet copy in promoted tweets. And while the focus of their advice is on one specific Twitter ad element – ‘Mobile App Install’ campaigns – the notes outlined really apply to all promotional tweets, even all tweets more generally. If you want to make better use of your tweets and generate better engagement, there’s some solid learnings in here, based upon research gleaned from 3,200 mobile app promotion campaigns from US-based advertisers.

Here’s what they found:

Facebook Launches ‘Signal’, a Content Insights Tool for Facebook and Instagram

Earlier this year, Pew Research released a report which showed that the percentage of Twitter users who follow breaking news on the platform is twice as high as those who do the same on Facebook. The finding underlined that Twitter is the place for breaking news coverage, the platform social media users turn to for updates on developing stories and issues. Twitter’s real-time, fast paced news stream makes it the perfect medium for users to get quick updates as events unfold, and a large part of that, of course, is Twitter’s openness, the fact that (almost) everything published via tweet is made public and accessible to all. If you want to add your thoughts to a trending news story, Twitter's where you go to do it.

Social Data Made Simple: Getting Started with a Strategy

here are three key takeaways from the webinar:

Uber Just Can't Lose?

It’s official: one of the biggest players in the sharing economy was at war with the biggest city in the United States, and the outcome determined the staying power of one of most disruptive movements of our time.

Uber Just Can't Lose?

It’s official: one of the biggest players in the sharing economy was at war with the biggest city in the United States, and the outcome determined the staying power of one of most disruptive movements of our time.

15 Essential Resources for Social Media Marketer Success


Social Media Marketing is a contemporary field and it is necessary for any kind of business. New social media websites and tools appear on a regular basis. In these conditions, efficient agents have to always stay online and create campaigns for target audiences. Luckily for them, digital marketing benefits from valuable resources are meant to ease the process. 

Below, we have presented 15 extremely useful online resources for helping marketers keep up-to-date with the recent trends and tendencies in the media marketing world.

Get Out Your Twittonary: Twitter Abbreviations You Must Know

Twitter is a social platform that has created a language of its own. The constraint of brevity has birthed abbreviations and acronyms that are a mix of text slang, corporate buzzwords and common chat room phrases.

Twitter has even added to the lexicon of spoken language in innovative ways. Increased our twerminology, as it were.

A Third of the World Using Social Media, But 90% Concerned About Privacy [Infographic]

Social networking giant Facebook has received much criticism over the past few years due to its decline of organic reach, affecting both companies and users. Unfortunately, things aren’t getting better - a recent study in March 2015 by Locowise revealed that a measly 2.6% of Facebook Page posts are seen organically by their fans.


What's Your Content Worth? A 5-Step Strategy to Drive Your Content Currency

It all starts with a goal. Whether you seek to generate demand or brand awareness, grow your social networks or something else, an integrated content marketing strategy will be the key driver that will allow you to reach your desired state.

For many of us navigating the digital marketing landscape, developing compelling content takes time and money. Since these are resources many companies don’t have the luxury to afford, a sound strategy is worth its weight in gold.

CMO of the Week: Alison Lewis, of Johnson & Johnson, on Doing Well By Doing Good

n partnership with The CMO ClubThe CMO of the Week series profiles CMOs who are shaping, changing and challenging the world of modern marketing.

Digital Era Strategy: Thinking Beyond Disruption

Rather than viewing the impact of technological innovation on established firms as either competence-destroying or competence-enhancing, organizational leaders should consider their competence-extending possibilities.

It’s hard to believe, but almost twenty years ago I published an academic article with Howard Aldrich that used examples from the then-burgeoning World Wide Web to illustrate how organizational communities are created and evolve.

Hosting 63k- Backup hàng ngày

Chúng tôi cung cấp dịch vụ hosting với chi phí rẻ nhất hiện nay. Server đường truyền ổn định, web site của Quý Khách được backup định kỳ hàng ngày.

Hosting 63k- Backup hàng ngày


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Where Will Social Media Users Go in 2016?

Social Business in a Mobile World

You’re not imagining it, mobile devices really are everywhere. Statistics show that 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 58 percent of them are smartphones. When people aren’t texting or checking email, they’re surfing the internet or checking their social networks.

6 Ways to Mitigate the Risk of a Social Ad Campaign

Everyone wants to jump on the social media bandwagon, but the route is paved with embarrassing gaffes and failed campaigns. Before you join in, carefully consider the risks of embarking on a social campaign. I offer six ways to mitigate those risks, most of which should be part of the planning process, as well as tips for what to do it if it goes wrong.

1. Make sure your business is suitable for a social campaign.

9 Creative Ways to Add a Customer Loyalty Program to Any Small Business

One of your best assets as a small business is your connection with your customers and the connection they feel to you in turn. In order to remind your customers how much you appreciate their continued business, and to run a more efficient business, you might want to implement a customer loyalty program. Of course, these programs will vary wildly depending on the type of business you run (B2C businesses will show customer appreciation differently than B2B businesses, for example).

Middle Management's Dissatisfaction Harms Innovation

I’ve written a bit about the role of middle managers in the past year.  They get a bit of a bad rap it seems, often regarded as unnecessary gate keepers that obfuscate the flow of ideas and information through their organizations.

The reality isn’t quite like that.  A 2011 paper by Wharton’s Ethan Mollick for instance found that middle managers are key, especially in knowledge intensive industries. Mollick suggests that middle managers are especially important in industry that require innovative employees such as biotech, computing and media.

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