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The others see toward the beam nation Hui and that ghd australia person at this time, the blood that see that person's mouth inside cannot stop outflows toward mouth, the clothes before the chest ascend also full is a blood, but beam nation the Hui stood to start body at this time and by hand put on a blood on face, on the bayonet in the hand, blood positive drop per drop of write toward ground drop.Being public to all frighten is silly, someone immediately feels crotch of trousers a hot, after one is clever, Dang next wet one, also have several tearses that the individuals frighten to all come out.Next is who?The beam nation Hui Chuai one feet that is again mown the person of tongue, immediately see toward the others, the cold voice asked a , you who come first?Eldest brother, Rao life!How many persons immediately kneel ground to beg for mercy, don't live the ground kowtows a way for beam nation Hui, we are just gold Ling meeting of small?, Receive order behaviour just, we don't know anything, eldest brother Lao Tze isn't your eldest brother!Begging me is also useless!Beam nation Hui with start to grasp one person, stare him way, you say what you leave like?Eldest brother, I does the true nothing important stay so much?That person cringes ground to looking at beam nation Hui, don't leave to nod hair?Paralyze of, you play Lao Tze BE?The beam nation Hui with angry look a stare.Eldest brother, eldest brother, I didn't dare, don't dare!That person hurriedly calls a way.Begging Lao Tze is useless, request to beg a clear elder brother!Liang Bang Hui says a push over that person is bathing to think clear in front.That person immediately kneel is bathing to think clear in front, constantly kowtow a way, clear elder brother, clear elder brother, we know wrong know wrong?Bathe to think is taking out a cigarette clearly, looking at the person of ground at this time, move after a stool sit down, this just way, good, I also not is what kill people a devil king, don't? would not° until see blood go, so, since you know wrong, I give you an opportunity to turn over a new leaf!Thank clear elder brother, thank clear elder brother!That person smells speech continuously kowtow.First don't busy thanks!Bathed to think to beat at this time clearly a loudly point, other Emperor pupils immediately escort others to kneel to pour to bathe to think clear in front.I ask a question each time, you who answer out first, add penny, who finally answer out, bathe to think to looking at foot at this time clearly of several personal way.Button up penny!Or in times before that person, didn't etc. bathe to think to finish saying clearly, immediately way.You very cleverness!Bathe to think to looking at that humality clearly.Thank clear elder brother for crying up!That person hurriedly says with smile.However you say not rightly!

p>Big hall the female career that border on a class sees a form hurriedly face to cheap ghd come up, is also a Zhan to unsteadily ask 1.Come to this to can make what, certainly is have a meal!The Tan Heng comes forward an one step at this time and prepares a big pack of, meal you looking at up!Manager of headwaiter see one eye is public, this just breath a sigh of relief, let the attendant get public ascend the second floor, opened the pack of a pair tables.Was public to be on the second floor to just sit properly in a little while, the headwaiter manager also followed to come in, take a menu pass to the way of Tan Heng, Sir, you see this menu suitable?Beauty you make decision and then go, mainly quickly, we still need to walk faster!The Tan Heng glimpses menu, discover nothing important also, return to manager.After big hall manager goes out, the attendant comes up beginning to public pour tea to pour water, different meeting the effort have already started serving, efficiency's pouring is still really quite good.A public in brief ate an after meal, Tan Heng go to close book, bathed to think clear and other brotherses to also slowly stand down building, is seeing a lovely outside of jade drive to come to more than 20s black sedan a while at this time, stop one row, the person of road steps aside in succession, didn't know to take place as well what matter.The store inside is having a meal of also stop under the action looking at in addition to door, the in the mind is in the dark way, today this is how, how exert to meet large groups of come to have a meal?Bathe to think clear heart in is also on moving, but still still stood down stairs, after death a kind of brothers sees a form, like facing mortal enemily the heel is after bathing and thinking a clear heel.Bathed to think to just come out jade lovely front door clearly, those more than 20 sedans in doorway without previous arrangement opened a car door, from in came out the man whom a row was dressed in black lounge suit, one among the cars still came out to a tiny fat middle age, the head is some mirrors that was getting more bald-headed, took an old flower, Diao in the mouth wear a cigar.Middle age just came out a car door, see to bathe think clearly and immediately came forward say with smile, you be border town come of bathe think clear?Middle age says to grasp to bathe to think a clear hand and immediately clapped to clap to bathe to think clear shoulder, indeed as expected is hero youth, in those early years you and I the cow of border town East China Sea was old to have some friendship, don't think present East China Sea but have already changed two classes of eldest brothers, also a younger than one, is really rare!You is a sky, tiger helps of bathe to think to looking at this middle age clearly, the asking of facial expression equanimity is 1.This is a sky, tiger helps incumbent eldest brother Sun Wei Xiao!A black dress humality of one side.Said this along while, haven't introduced myself, have already really made you laugh!Sun Wei Xiao smiled to smile at this time.Is a sky,

tiger helps of group leader!Bathing to think is a little bit clear to nod,ghd hair straightener held to hold Sun Wei Xiao's hand, nice to meet you,riginally should ascend a door to visit of, if unfortunately there is still now, the important business is in the body and is going to save city to be an and another day come to make a special trip again to visit!Bathe to think to finish saying and then turn round to leave clearly, originally imagining Sun Wei Xiao will obstruct the own, don't think but some action also has no, until oneself ascended red flag sedan, Sun Wei Xiao still still stands at first and looking at oneself, on the face a smiling face.The Tan Heng comes out in lovely hotel from the jade at this time and see this power outside the door also really one Lin, immediately ascended to bathe to think a clear car, clear elder brother, that isn't a sky, tiger helps of Sun Wei Xiao?How, revenge for son?Bathe to think clearly light on smiling, clapped to clap the car of Tan Heng, ordered it to drive, don't say more what, while passing by wayside Sun Wei Xiao's car Sun Wei Xiao still hurtled to bathe to think to smile to smile clearly and made of bathe to think don't know that he is exactly just thinking as well clearly what.Sun Wei Xiao has been standing at first looking at bathe think after clear car walked, the smiling face on the face this just accept, after death of a black dress person at this time come forward an one step, eldest brother, let so bathe think clearly walk, are three childes' wounds not white be subjected to?Have you never listenned to him to say to save city to pick up person?Sun Wei Xiao at this time cold track, now that go, that affirmation will return!Wear why the hurry?And three sons that boy talk to want to come to don't compose, or wait he to come back to see again, don't see bathe to think next year lightly, how say in the border town to is also personal thing, if be not three sons say of so, not is to let for a sky, tiger helps many an enemy house?Bathed to think a clear car brigade have been opening to shoot sun downtown of inshore all live together peacefully, not only Tan Heng some feel suspicious, bathe to think to also have some to don't understand clearly, however since Be free, also think these do what, continue to go down south all the way, at around 2:00 p.m., the Tan Heng tells to bathe to think to enter to save city clearly and already of Be getting more inshore.Bathe to think to looking at a front clearly one to across big bridge of river have already reflected to the eye, time thought of that oneself went down south before, lead the river want still depend ferry, see the stone bridge that this is horizontal on the river's noodles at present, that call an impressive-looking grand view, wonder oneself's in those days why could not build bridge like this?

Very the express train brigade ascended big bridge, pass by the time of Yangtze River, bathe to think clearly and looking ghd precious river's noodles to come up into not the merchantman of interest, is also a burst of regrets.Clear elder brother, is the other party still the airplane in evening, have plenty of time now, don't be saving to turn 1 turn in city?Tan Heng at this time asks to bathe to think clearly.Go first the hotel of saving the city to order the next feast, receive the time of guest in the evening, the right here gives a welcome party first to give welcome dinner!Bathe to think a clear order Tan Heng way, also need to arrange good room, the somebody else sat dirigible airship for a day, always can not make the somebody else all through the night rush through a border town?Dirigible airship?The Tan Heng touched touch head, is an airplane?H'm, about!Bathing to think is a little bit clear to nod, tell the truth to bathe to think still really don't know clearly what concept airplane is, only the father of oneself in the impression the emperor invents in the in those days of dirigible airship, the ages at that time, that was the high technology that led an international community.To clear elder brother, the long hair is saving city to contain a friend, we let he for us arrange for a while!The Tan Heng bathes to think a clear way at this time, I came to a province city in childhood and still really not too acquainted with to city in the province in nowadays!Bathe to think don't talk clearly, also at last connived, the Tan Heng immediately pickeds up a telephone and gave the beam nation the Hui first to make a telephone call, don't think that the Tan Heng just said two, surprisedly saw to bathe to think clearly, clear elder brother, long hair also at save city!Bathe to think clear this just thinks of and doesn't also see beam nation Hui for a while recently and has never thoughts this boy to run to save city to come, he to save city to do what of, don't you know?Don't know!The long hair is as more familiar as black dragon!Tan Heng said a , immediately toward a way in the telephone again, the clear elder brother also came to save city, your where?The Tan Heng sticks down after a place, and then gives anterior of car head made a telephone call, let he immediately go toward there open.Bathe to think clearly at this time see opposite toward Yangtze River, discovering the buildings of both sides in Yangtze River is all different, Chiang-Nan there of the building obviously have to be more intensive and towering than river's north's, not much the car brigade led Yangtze River and opened in to save metropolitan district, province city unlike border town, the car brigade just entered downtown to meet a car, always on the road way of downtown block up nearly an hour, this just can start on the whole, and then lead an hour, this just arrived a beam nation the Hui says of place.Liang Bang Hui says of place be not what hotel,

but a small area, the beam nation Hui early stands on the small area doorway etc., saw a car brigade being driven, ghd purple and immediately flicking to wave hand.The car brigade arrives a wayside and bathe to think clear this just comes out a car, the beam nation Hui immediately comes forward a way, clear elder brother, how did you come to save city?What are you doing recently?Bathe to think to looking at beam nation Hui clearly, didn't see you for a while very much?, Save a friend's of city point matter, I all through the night rush through come of, all have no in time notice who!Beam nation Hui at this time hurriedly way, the that son clear elder brother is also pretty busy, still go in to say again!Long hair, which? is this exactly?The Tan Heng asks a way in a side, did your friend's business solve?This is the place that my friend lives!Beam nation Hui simultaneously got a person to enter small area, part to bathe to think clear and the Tan Heng explanation way, my friend at save city is also mix, gave offense to an officer recently two, almost drive to discard, very at that time police in the neighborhood, just protected a life, however that officer was two to still keep usually coming to harass my friend, my friend made a telephone call for me!Long hair, not to!Tan Heng at this time surprised way, make a phone call for you to do what?You at save city to also eat open?Border town you are an eldest brother, save city, is the also on bed terms loach similar to let people to cut into pieces?Early years I know one elder brothers, is saving city to have a little small influence now, and and that officer Be two to also have a little friendship, so just call me!Liang Bang Hui says at this time stop next step, arrive, clear elder brother!233-is not a fierce dragon however river's 5[ this chapter word number:3105 latest renewal time:2010-12-1300:00:00.0] bathe to think clear and Tan Heng along with beam nation Hui go upstairs, other Emperor pupils are waited down stairs, an in western dress and leather shoes takes sunglasses and is subjected to back the ground stand in the small area and occasionally passes by in small area of residents the all surprised Cha ground looking at these Emperor pupils, even they all feel that they seem to protect the bodyguard that the importance leaders similar by themselves.This small area is the old style that saves city small area, only have a building way, there is no elevator, the building way inside still piles the inhabitant's odd pieces thing and make originally not spacious building way, narrowness seemed to be more, bathed to think clearly wrinkly knit the brows, don't talk more, always along with beam nation Hui arrive the fourth floor, this just stopped down in a doorway.Beam nation Hui knock knock on door, very long behind this just someone open a door, is a girl, the age isn't old, only have 20 or so, eyes very big, the eyelash is also very long, suddenly Shan suddenly the Shan ground looking at doorway
elder brother Liang!Small Yan, this is my friend!Beam ghd australia nation the Hui Be saying and entering a house and bathed to think to hurtle with Tan Heng clearly small Yan to smile to smile and also enter a house.Bathed to think to just enter a house to smell the way a medicine water flavor clearly, the Tan Heng saw more small Yan several eyes and saw although the small Yan had no how to dress up, falls of particularly of water works properly, the in heart borned some good wills.Bathe to think clearly just walked into a house, see the sofa of house living room up lie a person, on the head, hand up, leg up all stretched tight gauze, on the face bared a nose eye, basically could not told originally an appearance.That person sees someone come in and want to start, the small Yan immediately comes forward to press down that person at this time, and you don't move wound!Beam son, that person looking at to bathe to think on their sofa clear and Tan Heng, ask a , immediately stuffy humed several voices, obviously was moving wound, immediately no longer make an effort, lay on the sofa.This is the clear elder brother whom I say, also have me the brothers the green dragon!Clear elder brother, black dragon this is that I deliver small double of sons!The beam nation Hui introduced some kind of, hurriedly again to the small Yan way, small Yan, pour tea!Small Yan immediately start go to kitchen, beam nation Hui this just let to bathe to think clear sit down with Tan Heng, the double son looking at to bathe to think clear with Tan Heng, clear elder brother, black Long Ge!What is the row?Bathe to think haven't talked clearly, listen to Tan Heng at this time a way, you be the long hair says of that, gave offense to officer's 2?Double sub- wry smile several voice, don't talk, the small Yan carried three cup tea to come out at this time and put a sofa of in the tea side-table, drink tea!The Tan Heng saw more several eyes small Yan and started to carry cup, the beam nation Hui waited the way of Tan Heng, this is the boiled water, aren't you also afraid of to burn?Beam nation Hui doesn't say that the Tan Heng hasn't felt hot to the touch, drive so on saying, he immediately feels hair in the hand hot, immediately again put cup to return to, stem cough two, the clear elder brother came, this matter wrapped on us!Clear elder brother not is come to save city to occupy?The beam nation Hui asked 1 at this time.Clear elder brother, all right?Tan Heng this just realizes oneself dropped a clanger and bathed to think is to come to connect a person clearly, which sometimes does take care of a this file son carefree matter?Bathe to think don't talk clearly, he looking at at this times sofa up lie of double son and sit on the small Yan of oneself opposite, all looking at oneself, from their can see in look in the eyes they seemed to be originally to hope to this matter nothing important, now listen to Tan Heng so on saying, immediately set alight a hope,

then beam nation a words of the Hui, and then sprinkled to put out they just set alight of the fire of hope.Since is a shaggy friend,cheap ghd is also that I bathe to think a clear friend!Bathe to think to take out a cigarette at this time clearly, the beam nation Hui sees bathe to think clearly so on saying, the in the mind livings to appreciate and immediately comes forward half to squat down to give to bathe to think the clear point ascend a cigarette.However this matter, I want to know sequence of events!Bathed to think to absorb an one mouthful clearly smoke, see the small Yan Wu wear a nose and immediately choked a cigarette again, actually and what is the row, also have the other party exactly is what person?Clear elder brother double the son want to sit to start again at this time, but the condition of the injury on the body estimate not light, just move for a while, immediately eat pain stuffy hum several voices, and then lay to return to.Double son, you lie to move, I come to say!Beam nation Hui said 1 to the double son, see to bathe to think clearly, the double son has already told me the affair, I say to is similar!Bathing to think is a little bit clear to nod, signal hint a beam nation the Hui continue, the beam nation Hui immediately told the business of double son to bathe to think clearly, the double son is Li Cheng Shuang, small Yan call plum Yan, when being Tan Heng of both the brother and sister to know Li Cheng Shuang and plum Yan is brother and sister don't aware of self of breath a sigh of relief, saw plum Yan one eye, however plum Yan a pair of eyes just stared at to bathe to think to see clearly at this time, the Tan Heng tooked a look plum Yan, and then tooked a look to bathe to think to sigh 1 clearly and lightly.Beam nation Hui still is continuing to say, the Li Shi brother and sister were originally border towns person, 2 people's Lao Tze was saving city to do individual in childhood, but at that time just start, province city of the life consumption was far far larger than a border town, so had been having no to are female they female the Sa brought the province the city, and beam nation the Hui was also that understanding Li Cheng Shuang of, until Li Cheng Shuang ascend senior high school after, they just the whole family move come to save city, also bought a house with more than ten years of savings, be now this.Is good fortune doesn't last long, their father's retail sales a fire happened, their father died in a fire, their house didn't buy insurance again, Li Jia can didn't also what indemnification, can depend their mother at save the city is babysitter for person to keep body and soul together, the bureau chief who is one to save city in the lord house, bureau chief madam sees their mother work at they's house efficient, also pretty like their mother.A bureau chief madam unintentionally sees plum Yan, also pretty like plum Yan of, will accept plum Yan to do adopted daughter



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