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The Disadvantages of Being Late in School

Being late in school can be taken with some considerations provided that the student’s reason is valid and that it won’t develop to be a habit.  Some schools are giving students a grace period of about 10-15 minutes so that they could catch up when the teacher makes the roll call. 

There are times when getting late in school can be done intentional or unintentional depending on the circumstances.  And the cons in tardiness are: 1) Disrespect is shown when students come to school late and then, the attention of the fellow students are already being interrupted. 2) Lessons are mostly missed by the late comers which cause them to catch up and cram. 3) Being late in school frequently makes the student to stress out in giving too much excuses. This could possibly lead to losing the trust of the teacher. 4) Getting low grades at the end of the semester is a sure thing to be achieved if students keep on being tardy. It is to be remembered that their ethics and behaviour are being graded as well.

And sad as it may be, frequent tardiness in school can definitely affect their career in the latter part. This negative remark will be reflected on their certificates and cards that could cause refusal of the future prospect employers. So, never be late! 


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