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But why, he and feeling, and consciousness, still can see clear eyes, hear them say, but just can't move, also cannot speak. Staring eyes, even the rotation is sweat, he wanted to call for help, but he can't.
After a while, ZhongPin light will be on the operating table, he panic, want to shout loudly, want to resist, but can't, he is awake, and the body is not controlled by the brain.
"The elder brother of the text, ready! Can move knife!" Tattoo male to AnJian louboutin uk Wen deferential said.
AnJianWen carry scalpel into the operating room, looking at the table of ZhongPin bright, eyes across a y ī n malicious! In this matsuyama city, dare to and I rob nv man, and not give you some facial se look, you don't know immensity of the universe!
"How to cut?" AnJianWen big Malcolm knife went over, raise a scalpel is ready to laid hands on him.
ZhongPin bright eyes were full of panic, I do not know this man of sight mbt outlet of what to do, see him take a scalpel, is want to his own life? What how to provoke to such a great guy? He wants to call for help, but can't, ZhongPin bright want to close your eyes, but their eyelids but not controlled.
"The elder brother of the text, as long as in this place on a knife cut, probably so long......" A wear a face mask to the doctor AnJianWen explanation way.
"I know!" AnJian WenDian nod, in his view, the wound vibram five fingers sale up also doesn't matter, it is more joint a few needles, as for ZhongPin light pain not pain, that nature is the pain more good.
The doctor is also murderous cargo se, so not a bit nervous, also don't worry AnJianWen will kill off people. After all, died on the operating table people do not have ten also has eight the.
"Mama of! You give me remember! Some people are not you can touch, you if again dare to touch ChuMengYao, old for your life!" AnJianWen black stare ZhongPin bright: "this cut you a kidney, is give you a lesson, the next, old


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